Top Best Party Cities in INDIA with Best Night-Clubs.

Nightlife means Nightclubs,Parties & Entertainment which you get in night only. This Night Clubs are for hard party lover, New friend searching , lots of entertainment, fun and relaxation And this will you get in metros cities of INDIA & mostly people think this about Indian nightlife

Night Clubs are always been fun filled by Youngsters,Page 3 pupil & Gorgeous girls.Clubbing in posh nightclubs that is 5 star or 4 star categories then you feels more like clubbing in Europe or Vegas with very expensive cover charges and expensive drinks.In such Nightclubs you will introduce every week or in a month with new exciting theme based Parties, Celebrities & National-International Fame Dj’s.

So now basic expectation from the nightlife scenes are clear.

Here is the list of top 10 party cities with best night clubs in India for the most exotic and sensation nightlife.


Goa is synonymous with beach parties & Music Festivals, and it has developed the reputation as outdoor psychedalic trance parties in the world. The scene is authentic and underground. If you like trance music, then go to Goa and you’ll love it.  The best beach parties are on Anjuna beach

Club Cubana , Sinq,Titos, Mambos ,Butter Lounge and Club Shiros.

many more you will find near beaches.


Mumbai never sleeps & this city will promise with you to give great night life experience. Mumbai is also known as “MAYA Nagri” as it contains glamour, celebrities, Bollywood and parties. Mumbai nights are exotic, crazy and it competes with the rest of the world when it comes to nightlife. Many national and international fame DJs, bands and celebrities come here to perform.


and many more places you will find.

3. Delhi

Delhi is city of heart’s as national capital is a great place for partying.However, due to surrounded with many state borders its rated as the highest crime rate against women.New oriented and transormed area is discoverd as Hauz Khas village with major attraction of youngsters.This part having neighbours with many national colleges and universities.

Kitty Su,Showshaa k.o.d,Lap,I-kandy le-meridien,Agni,Playboy,Third-eye.

and few more places you will find at cannught Place.


Mini-Mumbai, having many best universities which means a younger and happening nightlife scene. As college going youngster crowd is populated so this city having discounted rates entries and cover charges after goa. No any stress about dress codes or spending too much money.City having abundance of big & small clubs & pubs where you find musical concert,EDM,band show and other activities.

Bluefrog,Area-51,Cyclone, Havana, Club Polaris, CO2 Lounge, Ten Downing Street Nightclub,High Spirits, Apache, Scream Le-Meridien.


Known as the I.T hub of INDIA,with lots of youngsters with good earnings & who come from other parts of INDIA.

Bangalore is also stated as the “pub capital of India,” due to the beer loving culture and happening nightlife. Mostly  Funda were ruled here “work hard, play hard” .M.G. Road which has some 50 pubs.Popular nightspots in Bangalore include

Pecos, The Club Inferno, Insomania, iBar at Park Hotel, Zero G, Purple Haze, Club X, Styx, TGIF,F-bar,Blue Frog.


It is also known as the second Silicon Valley of India after Bangalore. Many fortune 500 companies of the world like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, IBM and Oracle has setup their offices in this city. The city has a lot of attractions for tourists. Nightlife activities are limited to youth in Hyderabad.  Hyderabad doesn’t have such a vibrant nightlife as Goa, Mumbai and Delhi. Most of the bars and clubs are closed at 12 at night. There are limited options to experience the vivacious nightlife in Hyderabad. Some of the great hotel’s nightclubs remain open all night.

Ten Downing Street, Touch, Liquids and Bottles & Chimney’s,Treasure -Island,Playboy,Kismet,Seacrets.

7. Chandigarh

Though the nightlife may not be as thrilling as in metroes  but definitely you can enjoy clubbing in Chandigarh which comes with their own Punjabi touch.

Good number of college students and various other hard working personalities are there so you can find music concerts of National – International artist’s tour which make use of this night parties to earn some relaxation of mind.The nightlife in Chandigarh has got something to deliver to people coming from neighboring areas to cheer this city.

Blues,Rendezvous,Paara night club.


While Indore already has the reputation of being one of the most rapidly developing cities of India, there’s something more to the development as well.While there were just a few options when it came to Indore nightlife some years back, you now have the option of heading out to pubs like

Blue Lagoon, 10 Downing Street ,Trance the Pub


Although the nightlife in Jaipur can’t match up to that of the bigger cities but its fast growing and vibrant night life, A couple of Nightclubs in the city are changing that perception slowly and steadily.


10.Old Manali / Guhawati –

As old manali & Guhawati having not such options but this two tier city having big relationship with parties which are going in specific area,which you have to find by listening the music waves or you have to ask some locals ,i.e Wherz is the party is going on !!.